Got Ghosts (Stories)?

Hooded Monk

It was a dark and stormy night . . .

I love a good ghost story, especially when you’re not quite sure where fact and fiction divide – or even if there is any fiction . . .

Ghost stories rank among the oldest oral traditions of folklore.  They remain some of the most popular tales to this day.  Perhaps it’s because they touch, in an “entertaining” way, the great metaphysical questions of life and death and “the meaning of it all.”

To help preserve these oral traditions, I’m starting a project to collect, and hopefully eventually publish in some form, a few of these ghostly takes of folklore.

I need your help, please.

First, I’m looking for stories from my local area of Lakeland-Bartow-Plant City – essentially Eastern Hillsborough and Polk Counties.  I’ve heard a few, but I’m sure there’s more out there.

Second, I’m also tracking down stories from military posts, bases, and stations.  I know people have encountered strange things over the years, especially at older sites, but even newer ones as well (such as the ghost of the old woman at the Laughlin Clinic who some believe is a former patient from the time the clinic was the in-patient base hospital).

Know any stories of know someone who does?  Want to help?  If so, please contact me via email.  Thanks for your assistance!

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4 Responses to “Got Ghosts (Stories)?”

  1. Carey Blanton Says:

    Steve, nice job on the site and the subject matter!

  2. Just finished reading the entire site Steve , awesome content and entertaining reading !

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