St. Augustine Lighthouse Ghost?

Offered for your consideration . . .

St. Augustine Lighthouse

This building is the entrance to the lighthouse in St. Augustine, Florida.  Just above the bench on the left is a solid, white ball of light.  It wasn’t visible when I took the photo.  Is it a “spirit” or just the flash reflecting off an insect?  I don’t know.

Close-up of the Object

Frankly, I lean towards the insect reflection explanation as I’m extremely leery of paranormal explanations for “orb” photos.  Serious research into the subject has all but ruled out “ghostly” accounts for so-called “orbs” (see for example, this site).  Even in this photo, there are other explainable “spots,” including the blue one in the upper left.

Previous Photograph

Regardless, I think it’s still a pretty cool photo, and I will add, of all the photos I took during a weekend worth of investigations in St. Augustine, while many showed other easily explainable “spots,” this was the only one containing a solid ball of light.

Make of it what you will . . .

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