“Ghost Magnet”

Have you met anyone (or even perhaps it’s you) who seems to be a “ghost magnet?”  This isn’t necessarily someone who’s “sensitive” or “psychic,” but someone who seems somehow “tuned in” to paranormal activity.  It’s as if the paranormal often finds them, not the other way around.  In almost every case, it’s not the person loudly proclaiming he or she is “seeing ghosts” everywhere.  Instead, it’s usually the person who’s quiet and introspective – you never know about this person’s brush with the supernatural until he or she feels comfortable enough to confide in you about their “experiences.”

I met one such person several years ago while attending college in the northwest.  This person, “Mary,” had already experienced more paranormal activity than most people experience in a lifetime.  As often seems to be the case among those who have a strong connection to the paranormal, Mary’s mother and grandmother were also “sensitive” to the paranormal.

Mary’s ancestors were early settlers to the area.  Consequently, the family maintained a small cemetery just outside of town.  During high school, Mary and a guy-friend decided to visit the cemetery at night, taking along an Ouija Board.  As they soon learned the hard way, Ouija Boards are not something to play around with.  Mary and her friend sat on the grass and began attempting to “communicate” with “spirits” using the Ouija Board.

They soon became aware of a “presence” coming towards them.  Mary felt whatever it was had malevolent intent.  She ushered her friend back into their car.  At this point, Mary wanted to leave, but her friend insisted they continue their “experiment.”  This time, the friend seemed to go into some sort of trance, which obviously frightened Mary a great deal – particularly since she again “felt” the entity moving towards them.

She finally succeeded in snapping her friend out of his “trace.”  They both knew it was time to cease “playing with” the Ouija Board and leave the cemetery immediately.  Once they’d gotten away, Mary quizzed her friend about what happened.  He reported feeling as if an angry old man with a limp was coming towards them.

Curiosity forced Mary to return to the cemetery the next day.  Investigating in the direction from which she’d felt the presence coming from the night before, she found the headstone of a lone male set off from the other family plots.  Unfortunately, none of her relatives recalled the man, who’d died many years earlier.

On another occasion, Mary reported visiting a local history museum housed in a historic home.  She viewed the displays on the first floor without incident.  However, as she climbed the stairs to the second floor, Mary began feeling a heaviness, which she likened to walking into a tarp blocking the stairs.  She described it as so completely overpowering, she was unable to reach the top of the staircase.  Both her mother and grandmother experienced similar powerful “negative” feelings about the second floor.  Supposedly, a psychic visited the location afterwards and claimed “feeling” the presence on the second floor of a male who strongly hated women.

In the metro area where our college was located, a major interstate passed right next to one of the city’s largest cemeteries.  One time while driving down this freeway alone, Mary felt something suddenly enter her backseat as she passed the cemetery.  Mary was convinced something or someone was now in the backseat of her car.  She said she was so scared with its overwhelming presence she could not bring herself to look in the rearview mirror as she felt positive she’d see whatever it was looking back at her.  As she neared her home, she could no longer stand feeling its presence.  Mary slammed on her brakes then yelled at the top of her lungs, “Get out of my car!”  She said she felt it immediately disappear from her car.  She made it home without further incident, but never did look in the back seat until the next day.

My own interesting personal experience connected with Mary happened while visiting her parent’s house one evening.  Walking into a bathroom, just as I was about to flip on the light switch, I felt a cat brush against my leg.  Knowing there were no cats in the house, I searched in vain for what I might have brushed against, but found nothing.  When I mentioned the incident to Mary, she told me their cat had died a few months prior.  Had I encountered a “ghost” cat?  If so, at least it seemed to like me since I didn’t get clawed.

Can I verify any of these incidents?  Certainly not.  However, they do make for interesting – and if nothing else, amusing – anecdotes.

So, who’s your “ghost magnet?”

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