Ghost Apps

Ghost Capture iPhone App

Stupid is as stupid does.  So says Forrest Gump.

For anyone not aware by now, a number of apps exist for the iPhone (and I imagine other smart phones as well) which insert “ghosts” into photographs taken with the device.  One version of this app allows the user to choose from among a number of “ghost” images to insert into photos, position them as the user sees fit, including the ability to adjust transparency of the “ghost.”

It’s a sad reflection on the state of the so-called paranormal community today that such apps exist and that so many are now posting photos created with these apps as authentic.  I don’t have a problem so much with the apps themselves.  My issue is the number of “paranormal investigators” unquestioningly accepting photos produced with these apps as genuine.  The believers and thrill seekers so want ghost photos on demand, it was given them and now they’re tripping over themselves to post these “authentic,” “un-tampered” photos online.

When you start seeing a plethora of “ghost” photos which seem just “too good” and the exact same “ghosts” start popping up around the world, that should tell you something.  Apparently for many, it doesn’t.

Instead of spending time watching TV, then going out playing “Ghost Adventures,” more people should be breaking open a book and actually learning about what it is in which they claim belief.  Surprisingly, they’d find reality has almost nothing to do with TV.

Is it real or is it iPhone? (Photo: Author's Collection)

There is so little going on today which constitutes actual, valid research, it’s embarrassingly pathetic.  Would you consider a surgeon competent who only wants to cut people open, but spends no time studying the craft of medicine?  Sadly, I believe many of the “thrill seekers” would.

I’m interested in serious paranormal research in the vein of Houdini or Fr. Herbert Thurston.  I have no time for the fakers, charlatans, believers, thrill seekers and pseudo-scientists (most of whom base their “scientific” knowledge on a GED-level education).  If this bothers you, most likely because you fall into one of these camps, good!  It’s time to either get serious or get out.  Think of this as a call to action to start taking what you claim belief in seriously by coupling your belief with the light provided by reason.

In reality, the number of possible authentic photos showing spirit apparitions can be counted on one hand.   There are very, very few of these photos which defy all logical explanation.  Yet for the self-styled “paranormal experts,” this matters not a lick as they plaster the internet with “authentic,” “un-tampered” ghost photos.

On the bright side, at least it’s not more “orb” photos…

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  1. very sick app someone played a very horrible trick on me putting the little girl behind my daughter its wrong GET THESE APPS REMOVED FOR GOOD theres people out there who has lost kids and anyone can easily say its there child sick and twisted REMOVE THESE APPS

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