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Degrees Now Accredited, but Phony as Ever

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Step Right Up - Get Your "Degree" (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

As if fake “certifications” in a field for which no certification exists wasn’t worse enough, as if fake “degrees” from fake schools weren’t enough, we now have “accredited” “degrees” waiting to separate fools from their money. I’ve shared my thoughts on “certifications” and “degrees” in paranormal studies in a previous post. I continue to stand behind those comments. There is no such thing as a “certification” in a field for which no objective standards exist. People can certainly receive training in methodology or learn about various theories, but none of this in no way can or should be construed as “certification” or a higher educational “degree.”

However, as if this weren’t enough, I’ve recently ran across “organizations” (which generally consist of one person in his or her home office with a computer and printer – although many are now skipping even the printer and going completely “paperless”) which now proffer their “degrees” in paranormal studies, up to and including doctoral “degrees,” as “accredited.” The only slight problem is that the “accreditation” agency is merely another front organization ran by the same person. In other words, the provider of the “degree” is providing the “accreditation” for the degree.

As with “certification,” this is a complete fraud since, just like real certification, real accreditation involves a third party verifying the academic fitness of an institution’s education offerings. At least one “school” in particular adds ever further fuel to the fraud by claiming that it’s perfectly fine for its own “accreditation” agency to accredit its “degrees” since the “degrees” and “non-secular.” They imply that only “secular” academic programs receive accreditation from third party accreditation agencies. This is a complete lie. Even theological seminaries which clearly offer “non-secular” degrees are accredited by third-party accreditation programs.

As someone who holds a real bachelor’s degree, a real master’s degree, and is working on a second master’s degree, these fake diploma mills really rub me the wrong way. There is a serious amount of work involved in earning a real higher education degree – even honest distance learning programs are accredited by third party agencies – and they receive that accreditation because those programs are found by a third party to be academically sound and rigorous. They are not some guy in his home office cranking out “diplomas.”

Again, as I said in my earlier post, I believe in the right of people to spend their hard-earned money as they chose. However, don’t buy yourself one of these fake “degrees” and they attempt to pass yourself off as the holder of an actual advanced academic degree. And for those of you running these fake diploma and certification mills: shame on you! You leave yourself just enough “outs” in order to be legal, but you are clearly preying on the uninformed, leading them into thinking they are receiving something they are not. What goes around, comes around – all I can say is be careful – being greedy in the material world does not bode well for one’s eternal afterlife in the spiritual world. You might just find yourself as one of those tormented spirits you “certify” people to “hunt.”

Pleasant dreams…

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