Is It the End of the Poe Toaster?

Poe Memorial (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

As previously reported (here and here), despite having appeared every year since 1949, for the past two years the mysterious Poe Toaster has failed to appear for his annual ritual at the Edgar Allan Poe monument in Baltimore, Maryland. We are two weeks away from the January 19th anniversary of Poe’s birthday. The question on everyone’s mind: Will he or won’t he show up?

Despite a small band of imitators, Jeff Jerome of the Edgar Allan Poe Society remains convinced the authentic Toaster has not visited for the past two years. Jerome believes if the real Toaster fails to appear this year, the tradition has ended. Considering 2009 (the last visit by the apparently authentic Toaster) marked the bicentenary of Poe’s birth, the Toaster might have decided to end the tradition on this symbolic date.

So, will he or won’t he? We will know for sure in a couple weeks.


2 Responses to “Is It the End of the Poe Toaster?”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Didn’t know how else to contact you. Sorry to hear the news about the end of your tenure as curator. Years ago I would bring a group of adults from the Parkville Recreation Council, or on my own ,to view the catacombs under Westminster Hall and you would lead the private tour. Your delightful quirky sense of humor always made the tour special (fun) and you squeezed in some education on us too. I still remember Frank the Body Snatcher asking for “$2 for a large body and $1 for a small” at the medical school. 🙂 You also opened a crypt so we could peek inside. A very nice treat! Our private tour was before the Halloween celebration became so popular. You even arranged for an actor to give us a dramatic reading of the Tell Tale Heart. And one year you recommended that our group dine afterwards at the Tell Tale Hearth. Quite a recommendation. It was open mike night for poetry which was interesting, fun and different. But the highlight was some of our crowd being afraid to leave the restaurant late at night because of the questionable neighborhood. Then luckily some police cars arrived en masse, lights flashing, sirens screaming to make some mass arrests in the neighborhood. We agreed that would be a good time to leave with such a strong police presence. 🙂

    So, thank you for all the years of service and good times you provided privately for us, as well as to Baltimore at large. I hope you resurrect in some capacity with Poe and that our paths cross again. You’re a treasure for the city.

    Brian Duvall

    • Brian,
      Thank you for your visit to my blog and your comment on my post about the Poe Toaster. I am a freelance writer with a focus on folk tales about the strange and unusual. This blog is not connected with the Poe House and Museum in Baltimore or Jeff Jerome. If you’d like to attempt getting in touch with him, I suggest going through the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore (

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