Steve researches and writes on a wide variety of folklore, legends, and lore.  His interest in tales of the unknown developed as a young boy while watching Leonard Nimoy’s In Search Of.

He maintains that while many stories of unexplained events sometimes contain an element of truth, at the same time most situations which appear unexplainable often have “normal” explanations. Thus, it’s the job of the serious researcher to rule out these natural explanations before turning to other explanations.  Steve approaches the subject with an open mind coupled with a scientific researcher’s healthy skepticism.

Steve’s background allows him to bring a unique perspective to the subject. He’s a former military officer and pilot. His education includes a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, master’s degrees in history and theology, and yet another master’s degree in progress in philosophy. Steve is an Area Rep with the American Ghost Society, a member of United Paranormal International, a research associate with the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena, and a certified field investigator with MUFON.

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